Monday, October 12, 2009 post?....yessss, new post :-)

So i know it's been a long time since i posted anything...and i guess this my pathetic attempt at getting the juices flowing my blog again. So since a year ago:

12/25/2008: Had a good Christmas
2/12/2009: Joined the US Navy, set to leave for boot camp 1/5/2010
2/15/2009: Attended first RCIA session (thats Rite of Christian Initiation for adults)
4/12/2009: Came into the Catholic Church, confirmation on Easter Sunday
6/12-14/2009: Attended a youth retreat at Franciscan University of Steubenville in Steubenville, Ohio--much spiritual growth
7/1/2009: Lost my government due to loss of funding
8/26/2009: Started new job at Gold's Gym
9/8/2009: First day back to college after one year hiatus
10/12/2009: Here I is! Haha!

I would love to start blogging on here again...i hope i can keep that promise to myself :-)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Thought it was Too Cold to Sweat in a Pharmacy...

gosh, i finally get time to type this. PHARMACY IS INTENSE. it isnt anything like my other job. when im at indian head, i am on the net, sitting down, taking my time workin out...but this job is constant standing, running around every second looking for pills, quickly counting the pills. sending it to the pharmacist for verification....on and on and on and thats just one prescription! int he middle of the day its like constant drop-off of those things.

this morning this lady handed me a prescription for some heart condition, i couldnt remember what. i was doing all the stuff i was suppose to do and i tried talking to the lady like, "so--how is your day so far?" and she EXPLODED on me. she was shouting. "My husband is having chest pains you stupid fuck! How do you think my day is going?!?!?! Hurry up and fill the fucking prescription!" i just didnt say anything else to the lady but the pharmacist was like, "Ma'am, you're not going to get any pills unless you calm down." I was moving as fast as possible... :-( The pharmacist checked the pills and charged her andd sh was breathing so heavily the whole entire time. anyways, i hope husband is ok. that was my day so far.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I would also like to add that Haven is perfectly fine with it. She is more uncomfortable with other people being uncomfortable about it.

Inching Right Along...

Yeah, so the investigation of me and my co-workers is over for now. The lead investigator said he will contact me if anything else comes up. I am just keeping my head low and reading my books. i finished the FDR book and i am almost finish with the "9/11 Comission Report" and after that i plan on reading "The People's 9/11 Comission report."

Anyways, I start my clinical rotations at the Clinton CVS pharmacy TODAY! sooo, i will have more to report i hope.

Oh yeah, i was wondering, is it wierd for me to hang out with haven as a friend? I don't think so cause i consider her family but i wanted to see the rest of you thought. (No Lynnis don't even start with that thing you said a few weeks ago...)

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Apple is on My Head

So, i got written up today...for showing too early for work again. I know, I know! I know what youre thinking! "Leo, you should just show up when she tells you to..."

Buuuut it is a hard habit for me to break. I have always been given a pat on the head for showing up early. so, yeah i had to sign some crap (again) saying i wont show up for work too early. what i dont understand is that after six hours, i automatically get 30 minutes taken out for work. so, if i show up 35 minutes early for work, what in the blazes does it matter???

Now, because i am the first person to show up, i am under investigation by the base police for theft of federal funds. they will be questioning me on monday. Wow, this place is as intense as Accokeek!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Uh-huh...what to do? what to do?

I am on the spot now. about 11:30, I found out that one of my other co-workers had lost her entire change fund two days ago(we are given one-hundred dollars for change in various bill sizes. it is our responsibility to put it in our respective safes.). So, my main boss, megan, made us open our safes to see if our change funds were compromised. so it turns out that i am the only one with one hundred dollars....

The zinger is the part where i am the main suspect in the loss of 80.00$ worth of federal money. I am because my co-workers seem to think they saw me with an extra change bag >.<>

WELL isnt that the monkey in the wrench...well, i just think it is hilarious i am the only one who has all their change fund. but how is it me? I am not a safe breaker-inner!

T, Th, Thi, Thin, Think, Thinki, Thinkin, Thinking

Well, i'm not sure what my plans the weekend are anymore. so, i am up in the air right up in the air.

My co-workers laugh at behind my back and sometimes in my face because I like to read books. Hmph...

Oh well. I guess i will be boring then :-)

I had some sleeping issues last night, mind was racing. I am awefully tired. Thank goodness i have no classes tonight. I am fighting to stay awake! noooo.....zzzz....zzzz....*bosses approaches (tip tap tip tap)* AHAH! I am awake!